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That meant there was no room for English, and so for my whole life I have been able simply to read what I want when I want, and only for pleasure or interest.

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I suspect that this has been really important for the way I write, making it so much easier to think always of the reader. I studied Politics and History at University, and the interest in political issues shows up in many of the books. In my first daughter was born.

Unable to get to the library in a snowstorm to change my library books, in desperation I sat down and started to write a novel. Clearly this was the right job for me, for I have never stopped writing for more than a few weeks since. In I returned to Edinburgh, and a few years later moved to County Durham, where I now live quietly in a stone house beside a river with Richard, my partner of fifteen years.

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The killer cat is overjoyed to hear that his family are going away for a week. But the person chosen to catsit him is reverend barnham! I would recommend these books to year olds. Another book full of laughs to split your sides.

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The Diary of a Killer Cat

A good read. Menu Browse. Account actions Log in or Register. At least tips have flowed in to the local authorities.

The Return of the Killer Cat (The Killer Cat, #2) by Anne Fine

In these uncertain times, stroking the neighborhood cat has become cause for suspicion, and walking around with a can of open sardines is reason enough to turn neighbor on neighbor. The deaths of hundreds of cats in south London prompted a yearslong search for the so-called Croydon Cat Killer , who has not been caught. A man was arrested in Saudi Arabia for posting on social media a video of him killing several cats.

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Animal abuse is correlated with other types of violence, including domestic abuse. Some people Ms. It is possible that the cat killer could move on to people, Detective Elkins said. Log In.

The Diary of a Killer Cat (Young Puffin Modern Classics)

All across part of Washington State, cats are turning up dead. Johnson added. Ollie had fought back, and her nails are being tested. More Maths Statistics Resource Packs.

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