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Meriwether Lewis was born on August 18, on a plantation near Charlottesville, Virginia.

Meriwether Lewis (1774-1809)

He spent his childhood in the wilderness and developed a love of hunting and exploring. As a young man, Lewis fought against the Whiskey Rebellion in From there, he became an officer in the army and battled against Native Americans in the Northwest Territory. Over time, he learned a lot about Native Americans and their languages. As a friend and former neighbor of the Lewis family, President Thomas Jefferson recruited Lewis to be his private secretary in But most important of all was discovering if some sort of water passage existed to the Pacific Ocean, which explorers and colonists had searched for since Europeans first made landfall in North America.

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To aid him, Lewis recruited his fellow Virginian and former commanding officer in the Army, William Clark. Despite his self-taught background on the subject, Lewis was a meticulous and observant naturalist and ethnographer and took careful notes on subjects ranging from local flora and fauna to Indian cultural practices.

What Happened to Meriwether Lewis? (Jerry Skinner Documentary)

The following passage, a description of a slain grizzly bear from what is now Yellowstone Park, provides a good example of this:. The front of the forelegs near the feet is usually black. The fur is finer, thicker, and deeper than that of the black bear.

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It is astonishing to see the wounds they will bear before they can be put to death. Lewis made his home in St. Those who came close to witnessing it only reported hearing some voices within a cabin in Tennessee, a gunshot and Lewis body lying alone. Modern historians have continued the debate to this day. Regardless of the exact circumstances of his death, the loss of Meriwether Lewis was certainly a tragedy, as America had the life of one of its most adventurous and knowledgeable minds cut short. Show your pride in battlefield preservation by shopping in our store. Every purchase supports the mission. Skip to main content. Meriwether Lewis.

Captain; Governor of the Louisiana Territory. August 18, — October 11, Learn More.

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