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Job safety analysis

Hazards should be identified soon after the observation and job task breakdown, while the sequence of job tasks and potential hazards still is fresh in the minds of all participants. If one or more job tasks need to be repeated, it should be done immediately, if possible. A number of questions should be asked to assess the potential hazards in performing individual job tasks. Proceed through the sequence of job tasks one at a time and answer questions such as:.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and the questions asked should reflect the unique potential hazards and work environments associated with each job. Employees performing the tasks for which the job safety analysis is being conducted should provide input and insight into the hazard identification process, and strive to consider every possible outcome in the performance of each task.

Proper controls should then be developed to limit the potential for the job hazards to result in an environmental or safety incident.

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This is another area where accurate hazard and injury information is important, and where technology can be a helpful resource. A simple risk analysis solution can help you produce JSAs for any job, and ensure that the risks are communicated to employees and prioritized for mitigation. This software can collect recorded injuries, illnesses, near misses and hazards also makes it faster and easier to identify trends and risk factors.

The best systems allow users to create custom reports and dashboards for even greater visibility and identification of critical incident metrics and areas where a new or updated JSA is needed. The hierarchy of controls is a well-known and commonly-used tool for developing preventive measures for hazards associated with job tasks.

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The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health lists the five controls, in order of effectiveness, with the following description:. Hazard elimination widely is considered to be the most effective, longest-term solution to improving job safety. However, it also often is the most difficult and expensive in the short term to implement.

Administrative controls and PPE measures tend to be less expensive to implement initially, but often are less effective at controlling hazards and can be difficult to sustain in the long term. There are software solutions that can be integrated with risk analysis and incident management solutions so that preventative measures of all kinds can be planned and tracked to completion.

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These solutions have the additional advantage of making corrective actions and visible to employees, demonstrating progress on closing action items and improving employee buy-in. Too often, employers spend the time and effort creating JSAs, only to have the documents disappear into a binder, or get filed onto a computer hard drive and forgotten. When this happens, the JSAs are not fulfilling their purpose. JSAs should be living documents that capture information about risks, document controls and inform the employees about both the hazards in their job tasks and the best means of avoiding them.

Employees need to know JSAs exist, and have quick and easy access to them.

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Furthermore, workers also need to be able to understand and act on them. The importance of effective and well-documented training cannot be emphasized enough.

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In many situations following a serious accident, questions of liability hinge on the issue of whether training on the JSA was conducted, whether it adequately covered what needed to be covered, and whether the evidence sufficiently backs up your answers to these questions. Training management software assists employers in validating that all training requirements are being met through better visibility and control over all training workflows.

With a good training management system in place, employers more easily can run an effective training program, and also demonstrate employee training completion during an audit or inspection. A good electronic risk analysis program makes it easy to develop good assessments and track corrective actions, and when combined with an incident management software solution, you can oversee all aspects of incidents — from reporting to tracking of corrective actions. Often, these programs enable workers to easily report safety incidents and hazards using their mobile devices.

Many systems run off a centralized platform available across locations via the cloud, giving workers better access to quickly and easily create risk registers that show the hazards, risk levels, causes and preventative measures associated with any work process. Through the use of these software systems, JSAs can be viewed by employees — even through the use of their mobile devices — giving them better access to hazard and preventive information so they can work safer and more efficiently. Maintaining a good JSA program is an ongoing and evolving process.

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  • If a workplace injury occurs, a review of the relevant JSA should occur to see if it had a shortcoming that may have contributed to the incident. OSHA is the government agency charged with setting and enforcing standards of safe and healthful working conditions. Learn more about our Silica Testing Services.

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    Employee job descriptions should be clear and in writing, discussing individual responsibilities related to health and safety. Having the requirements of your programs and processes in writing is important because it reduces the chance of misinterpretation or ambiguity. Here are just a few examples of safety regulations that require written plans:.

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    Training sessions should be held whenever a new hire is made, or when new processes, procedures or equipment are introduced to the workplace. Be sure to teach employees how to identify hazards, prevent accidents and respond to injuries. Routine safety audits and annual training sessions are great ways to begin enforcing safety rules. Take a look at your accident numbers at least annually, or whenever a new safety hazard is discovered. And with our new mobile application , you may not even need to leave the job site to receive care from a medical professional via smartphone or tablet.

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