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So, no, Superchunk don't hate music. The sentiment speaks to something you find happening when you edge closer to 40 and beyond: loved ones start dying, and something that used to seem distant starts hitting close to home.

The acoustic and synth flourishes lend it a feeling similar to the early work of the more downcast, stripped-back Portastatic. It's more grounded and focused than Majesty , and more thoughtfully reflective. Superchunk's best songs have always been the spastic ones, but though this is their darkest album to date, they don't fall into a midtempo torpor. The album's dedicated to a close friend of McCaughan and the band, the filmmaker and artist David Doernberg , who died after a battle with cancer in March of As McCaughan wrote in a blog post around that time: "I can't possibly enumerate the ways that Dave was intertwined into the fabric of our own family and lives.

Likewise I have a feeling the hole that his passing leaves is larger than we even yet know. Doernberg haunts the record beautifully. On another standout, "Trees of Barcelona", McCaughan shares the wonderfully rendered memories of Portastatic playing Primavera Sound in , and the friends who ran through the city when that set was over. Thoughtful, quiet moments like that work but, this being Superchunk, the uptempo tracks still hit hardest.

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The fantastic "FOH", for instance, is cut from the same the cloth as Superchunk's raging best, as McCaughan asks a series of questions with few answers: "Did you lose something? And things get especially amped on "Staying Home", a one-minute punk song about staying home that feels like their "Screaming at a Wall". A song that combines both approaches is the the previously mentioned slow-builder, "What Can We Do" with its "I won't say goodbye. But Quignard suggests a more disquieting linkage. My starting point is a brutal killing that took place on Sunday, August 5, , when Wade Michael Page, a year-old Caucasian, killed six worshippers at a Sikh gurdwara temple in Oak Creek, Wis.

The murderer, shot in the stomach by the police, eventually committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

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Nothing is known of his actual motive for killing Sikhs, except perhaps that he mistook them for Muslims, because of their beards and turbans. What drew my attention to this event, one of many in recent American history, is that Page was a musician. He sang and played bass and guitar in several bands, and even had his own, End Apathy and Definite Hate among the most recent. Now, this could be an irrelevant detail, a mere footnote in these tragic events.

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By all accounts, the killings, perpetrated for potentially racist reasons, may be directly connected to the music Page played. Would music, and particularly loud, repetitive, electric popular music, be connected to facism? Perhaps, then, will the reader forgive my faux pas and bad taste? With their second album, Hail the New Dawn , he began to promote neo-Nazi, racist, and anti-Semitic ideologies, supporting the National Front and the British National Party, and headlining concerts organized by the nebulous far-right Rock Against Communism coalition.

Skrewdriver was hastily associated to skinheads, hastily because the skinhead movement encompasses many subgroups, suedeheads, smoothies, bootboys, or redskins, who despite similar outfits and physical appearances, are positioned at extreme ends of the political spectrum. Besides, ironically, much of the music British skinheads, including right-wing ones, listened to, derives from black Jamaican music, mostly ska. What Donaldson did, however, was to provide an outlet and legitimacy for the minority of skinheads with fascist leanings.

It reached the United States and Canada in the mid-eighties where it has ever since been a regular, albeit discreet, feature of the music scene. If Texas and several southern states are represented, hate music is also very present, perhaps more surprisingly, in California, the North East and the North West. Most of its performers have adopted hardcore punk, a faster, louder, and more violent form of punk, often called hatecore.

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They similarly adopted trash or speed metal, a later combination of hardcore punk with heavy metal, and generated their own variant of black metal called National Socialist Black Metal NSBM. However, from the early racist and white supremacist songs of the forties and sixties down to the present, the genre has encompassed a whole array of styles, from country to punk, from folk to rap, or even techno some hardbass subgenres.

This is obviously true to a certain extent, but the reality is as usual more complex. Likewise, the end of the 60s is remarkable for the way rock artists chose to relocate their sonic experimentations and explorations of American counter-cultural ways of life in country styles, starting with Bob Dylan, and followed by the Byrds, Gram Parsons, Poco, Buffalo Springfield, The Flying Burrito Brothers, or New Riders of the Purple Sage. Sounds are neutral. Their favorite targets are Jews, homosexuals, Muslims, communists, and non-white people.

They do not only express their hatred of these categories, but routinely advocate getting rid of them, including by murder. They are calls for action. Pete Simi had on several occasions interviewed Wade Michael Page between and for the field research he was conducted into domestic hate groups, supremacists and neo-Nazis. It can aggravate anger levels.

For Potok, music enables a physical immersion into a subculture which includes women, drugs, and ideology, and serves as a gateway to supremacist groups.

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Being in a hate music band, he adds, provides the additional excitement of belonging to a secret society, of sharing secret knowledge, a powerful and heady motivation for white, middle-class youth. In the United States, the public display of Nazi imagery is protected, in most cases, under the First Amendment. On the contrary, the fascist symbols were often meant as attacks against, and denunciations of the current political system. Please do not take what Wade did as honorable or respectable and please do not think we are all like that.

For what purpose?

One can obviously question the sincerity of the message. Four years later, the company experienced tax problems and was eventually bought by Dr. On February 18, , VH1 aired a documentary called Inside Hate Rock featuring a clean-cut, suit-wearing William Pierce explaining that Resistance was not just a lucrative enterprise, but an efficient way to advance his agenda. When Pierce died in , Gliebe, on the wake of his success as head of Resistance, succeeded him at the head of the National Alliance.

In , Panzerfaust launched a project clearly demonstrating the connection between hate music and white supremacist organizations. They sold it at a very cheap price to white supremacist groups that would in turn give it away to middle and high school students, hoping the music would seduce youngsters into joining their organizations. The label is now defunct. Thus, it is possible to purchase through Resistance clothes manufactured by Aryan Wear that Page is often seen wearing.

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Your skin is your uniform in this battle for the survival of your kind. The White Race depends on you to secure its existence. Not only do most of these record companies exist only online, but the Internet allows for fast and discreet connections between like-minded white supremacists. Many white power music events are tightly controlled in ways that limit attendance to neo-Nazi sympathizers and keep them mostly hidden from public view.

If most musicians reap little financial reward from their musical involvement, their record labels, distributors, and the organizations they are connected with, do. They are closely connected to white supremacist organizations and hate groups such as Volksfront or the Vinlanders Social Club. Among them, the Hammerskins , to which Page was directly related through three of the bands he played with, stand out.

They have close links with the white power music scene, mainly through the Hammerfests, the large, visible, and successful events they organize. Conversely, extreme right political rallies now also feature white power bands. However, these numbers can be misleading since according to Devin Burghart, who has been monitoring white supremacist organizations for twenty years, the movement is increasingly disorganized Condon, Scott Martelle, a journalist specializing in covering the hate movement, recently wrote about interviewing in the eighties Robert E.

Miles, a.

And the most fertile grounds, Miles believed, were prisons and the military. Even if Page was not directly instructed by any movement to kill Sikhs, his actions must be inscribed within the context of a countrywide disparagement campaign of Muslims. Right-wing hate crimes are indeed a permanent fixture of American society, even if most media choose to downplay them.

The far-right extremist crimes they reference include hate crimes, attacks on abortion providers, and foiled terrorist plots, as well as financial crimes and cases involving illegal firearms and other weapons. Abata, 35 Besides, various factors, such as period and circumstances, impact the notion of extremism.