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Breaking a Curse or Hex - How to Break a Spell

Feel free to call me for prayer. You people are hysterical. This kinda shit is detrimental to vulnerable and struggling people. Blaming outside for your actions will never help you resolve them. The fact that yoga, an exercise known for improving mental and physical health is listed as demonic is absurd to say the least. You are keeping people from participating in practices that actively improve their wellbeing. Do you even have non-anecdotal evidence to back up any of these claims? I challenge you to prove your credibility and not delete this comment out of fearful censorship.

You need the Lord Jesus Christ. You mention marriage in your posts as if the marriage ceremonies and putting the rings on the specific finger are not pagan traditions…. Prayer is a fo of meditation. Communion is a ritual and sacrificial rite. Fasting puts you in a trance. All of these things are found in paganism. If you take modern medicine you are engaging witchcraft worst than if you were to drink alcohol or smoke.

Big pharma is the worst witch doctor you will ever encounter they give you medicine that makes you vulnerable to demons just for money and power. But the Christians will normalize that and condemns using the god given herbs that are perfect for healing because they are so deceived as to think that it is evil to be an herbalist. This is foolishness to me. There is evident hypocrisy in alot of the things you are demonizing.

But getting a tattoo is somehow demonic or evil.

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A lot of people get tattoos not for idolatry or rituals. You could call everything demonic depending on your perspective. And I understand a marriage under God as just a marriage in love. As well as other couples in the Bible. These modern marriage practices did not exist back then, it is a human made thing.

Sex is an exchange of spirits between people.

5 Clear Signs Witchcraft Is Attacking You Right Now — Charisma News

It connects you to them. Laying flat down, criss crossing are legs,etc. Demons attack, they can make the air thick, make me naseated, or will blantantly see them, etc and that my way of knowing oh this guy is not good. Regular spirits I come across or come across me are just there or trying to get attention. Those I will blatantly tell to leave me be. Now demons on the other hand you have to go into prayer, fast, etc They go away kicking and screaming. Personally my favorite genre of movies is horror because its humorous how exaggerated or false things are.

Even the paranormal ones. God gave me directions while in my dream the spirit world I simply followed the directions and woke up before I died in real life. I was never afraid of demons or ghosts.

Demonic Attacks (1/2)

I think you should rethink and study these topics again, there are a lot of blank spaces in your theories. Alan, please repent and turn to the Lord and God Jesus Christ for salvation. Grew up baptist and have a brother who runs a quite sizable church in Oklahoma and is devoted to his beliefs. I also noticed the link you suggested I read relays on fear to get people to believe, something that you are NOT to do when preaching the word of God. It is manipulative and deceitful. It makes someone follow religion out of fear of damnation not out of wishing to praise God for his goodness and improve themselves as a person.

You go against the very book you preach about. Here you go, I know that God loves me. Everyone will eventually die unless you are speaking about condemnation. What sins do I need to repent for in order to be saved? You and me do not have the same values or believe in the same God.

The thing is I would not want to go to the version of heaven you probably believe in with the kind of people you think will get into heaven. That would be hell for me. The overly zealous and self-righteous. No thank you. If I go to hell for being a decent helpful human then I will throw a party with the rest of my kind of people and we will roast marshmallows in the hell bonfire. That seems selfish and self serving. I live like this because I have the ability, heart, mind to help people and speak life so why would I not. You are self-righteous and trying to justify yourself. You are not a good person.

The Bible reads only God is good.

The Best Protection Against Demons and Evil Spirits -

It only takes one sin for one to be a sinner. All it takes is one lie. Yes, you should fear God. The Bible reads the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Jesus taught that you should fear God who can destroy both body and soul and hell. And He taught to His followers, not His enemies!

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I really do not appreciate that you are saying Roman Catholicism is a cult because it certainly is not. Also, the holy Mary Mother of God is not an idle since no demon can enter Her. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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