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Entrepreneurs looking to grow… read more. The loan represents the latest funding round… read more.


Figures released this week have revealed the difficulties many small businesses encounter when trying to secure vital growth finance from… read more. This… read more. April, and the end of the tax year, is often the busiest time of year for financial services, investors and… read more. We are beginning to see a change in perceptions of investors in the UK. Debt funds have opened the market… read more. As we approach the end of the tax year, it is the last chance to take advantage of tax efficient… read more. In , , companies were founded in London which represented a six percent rise from The reasons behind this… read more.

UK Finance this week launched a national campaign encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs to prepare for the potential changes… read more. As London Fashion Week draws to a close, creative industries have come into sharp focus in the public eye. One… read more. Another week of debates and votes in the House of Commons has seemingly lessened the possibility of a no-deal Brexit… read more. As we approach the date at which we are due to leave the EU, the importance of international scalability has… read more.

In a period of great change for the UK economy and private sector, it can be easy to get caught… read more. As we enter , many are still looking forward to see what the year will bring in terms of investment… read more. As the year draws to a close, all of us here at IW Capital would like to take this opportunity… read more.

This Wednesday, Theresa May presented a draft of the Brexit deal agreed by negotiators from both the UK and the… read more. On 29th October, in the final Budget pre-Brexit, the Government announced a new EIS fund structure designed to focus primarily… read more. On Monday 29th October at 3. The Company manufactures and sells its own branded… read more. The award symbolises pioneering… read more. As we reach the six-month mark to Brexit with continued uncertainty over finance from the EU including Horizon and… read more. As the UK prepares to leave the European Union on 29th March , there is much speculation on implications for… read more.

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This week, parliament has returned from its summer recess amidst the looming date of Britain leaving the EU. Theresa May… read more.

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Since the turn of the 21st century, our interactions with new age technologies have accelerated dramatically. We all have a… read more. The Enterprise Investment Scheme is designed to help SMEs raise finance by offering a range of tax reliefs to investors… read more. This week it was announced that so far in , UK fintech has attracted more investment than both Europe and… read more. Across the last decade we have seen a multitude of successful case studies that have emerged from the startup arena… read more.

As we move into the third quarter of , we look back on what has so far been an incredible… read more. With over SMEs across the UK actively looking for investment at any one time, there is a clear wealth… read more. The fourth quarter of saw UK investment grow by 1. IW Capital has served the growing arm of the UK private sector for the best part of the last decade,… read more.

The new tax year is upon us, following a wide array of changes throughout that may influence how tax… read more.

According to a new KPMG report profiling nearly technology industry leaders across the world, the UK has been ranked… read more. The bank holiday weekend brought the news that investment spending in the UK grew more than in any G7 country… read more. Tax efficient investment schemes are some of the most effective ways for contemporary UK investors to save their funds, or… read more.

Part… read more. As we enter the new year, we at IW Capital would like to extend our personal best wishes to you… read more.


As draws to an end, a number of significant events have culminated in making the last twelve months not… read more. Ten years on from one of the most seismic events to affect the British economy — the financial crisis… read more.

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This week, IW Capital is delighted to announce the launch of the Series B funding round for one of the… read more. The global race is most definitely underway to become the fintech centre of the world. Initially… read more. Serving as its… read more. A new report released by KPMG this week has revealed that Brexit could trigger a new wave of innovation across… read more.

The UK is globally renowned for its thriving fintech industry. With London recently being crowned the European capital of fintech,… read more. The UK is globally renowned for its vibrant community of financial technology scale-ups. The snap General Election held in June was a defining moment in UK politics, delivering a hung parliament and an… read more. After a period of political uncertainty following the General Election, this week Theresa May confirmed that the Conservative Party… read more.

During the General Election, IW Capital was called upon by leading publications to voice its views on how this… read more. Britain today woke to the shock news that none of the major political parties have won enough seats to rule… read more. Political campaigning ramped up this week with each of the major political parties releasing their respective election manifestos.

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For businesses,… read more. Following the decision of the British public to leave the European Union EU in June , there was initial speculation… read more. The beginning of the new tax year on 6 April marks a vital time for British taxpayers to reflect on… read more. Britain has entered an era of profound transformation as it prepares to leave the European Union and forge its own… read more. So far, has proven to be a positive year for British businesses seeking finance from alternative platforms.

Last week,… read more. Unlike previous years, the coming 12 months take on… read more. With a raft of new tax measures coming into force,… read more. It is exactly three weeks until the start of the new financial year, with many investors seizing this opportunity to… read more.

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On Wednesday the Chancellor delivered his first and last Spring Budget. The announcement, which will now move to the autumn,… read more. The UK ranks as the second most entrepreneurial country in the world, boasting lucrative investment opportunities across the private sector. In times of transition, it is vital that businesses and investors receive the support and insight they require to move… read more. Over the past few weeks, Brexit has dominated the national press. The Government has offered greater clarity to investors and… read more. Proving to be one of the most momentous years in modern British history, was filled with defining political announcements… read more.

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January is always a busy time of year for the British taxpayer. With just under two weeks left for people… read more. As it nears seven months since the EU referendum vote, a number of new research reports have come to light… read more. With drawing to a close, it is the time of year when industries reflect on the events of the… read more. As the dust settles from the Autumn Statement, businesses and industry bodies have been reviewing the policy announcements delivered… read more. Having… read more.

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Once you start factoring in the costs, your profit may very well not justify the risk of trying to pick an individual stock, if you are investing a small amount in a taxable account. If you have a larger sum of money, brokerage commissions quickly decline as a percentage of your investments.

Beyond the costs of buying a single stock, you need to consider how many stocks you can actually buy. Studies suggest a minimum of 15 to 20 securities are required to build a diversified portfolio. Buying fewer, especially less than 10, increases the risk that a sharp decline in a single stock will significantly hurt your returns. An alternative to buying individual stocks is to invest in a mutual fund. A no-load mutual fund does not charge you any money for buying or selling your shares from an account held with the mutual fund family.

Rather, it charges a flat expense ratio. The bigger advantage a mutual fund gives you is instant diversification. Rather than spending a lot of money on commissions for 15 or 20 stocks, you could get exposure to several hundred stocks for a flat fee. The cheapest option is use a commission-free ETF. If you use a brokerage firm that waives the commission, you will incur no transaction costs. Taxes may still be owed on realized capital gains or distributions, however.

The expense ratios are also lower than mutual funds, with some ETFs charging 0. There are three caveats, however. The first is that you will have to meet the minimum account balance required to open a brokerage account. The second is that the selection of commission-free ETFs is limited and, from a performance and strategy standpoint, you may be better off paying commissions to get the ETF you want. Three, both ETF and mutual fund capital gains and distributions can be subject to taxes, which hurts your realized returns. Taxes are due when a distribution is made from a traditional IRA account.