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Register Log in. Details Attribute Value Condition Used. Payment Options Ping Pay instantly by card, Ping balance or saved bank account. Afterpay Four fortnightly interest-free payments. Place bid. Buyer protection logo Buyer Protection. Closes: Tue 12th Nov, pm. Last night, Bishop Tamaki was not available for an interview, but a media spokeswoman said he was aware of the issue and would most likely want to make a comment today.

Bishop Long, who was appointed pastor of New Birth in , claims athletes, politicians and entertainers as members. President George W. Bishop Long introduced the speakers and the Rev Bernice King, the Kings' younger daughter, delivered the eulogy. She is also a pastor there. Bernstein, a lawyer representing the plaintiffs in the sex case, said she opened her investigation after getting a call from one of the men.

She said she didn't trust local authorities to investigate the claims. But those who do speak up say they support him. New Zealand Herald. Subscribe to Premium. Sign In Register. On the go and no time to finish that story right now? Your News is the place for you to save content to read later from any device.

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Register with us and content you save will appear here so you can access them to read later. The judge in the case said the court viewed his actions as "youthful foolishness". The announcement caused the share value of Letsbuyit. In Harawira was part of He Taua, which confronted drunk University of Auckland engineering students who performed a parody of the " Ka Mate " haka with obscenities painted on their bodies, he Taua responded to the cultural insult which resulted in the engineering students sustaining several broken bones.

In when he and his wife revisited the School of Engineering Harawira said "When people refuse to do what's right, at the end of the day you step in, do what you've got to do. As a Member of Parliament, he has continued to support community activism, while advancing legislative change. He tried it on and he got his comeuppance.

In the edition dated 29 October , during the time he was on a Parliamentary trip in Europe , he wrote: " I for one learned heaps. I'm off to Paris'," he said. In a subsequent email exchange with Buddy Mikaere, who had criticised Harawira's actions, Harawira responded, stating "Gee Buddy, do you believe that white man bullshit too do you? And, quite frankly, I don't give a shit what anyone else thinks about it.


Harawira's email was seen as racist and criticised by the media, other members of Parliament, members of the public. On Radio Waatea he apologised for the wording of his email but not for the sentiment of it. He said in an apology "My words were true. The answer is they wouldn't. His family changed their name from Hatfield to Harawira because they are in denial about their racial identity. He left Parliament after being a convicted of filing a false electoral return — a verdict, overturned.

In between his tenures in Parliament, he served as Mayor of Auckland City for two terms, from to and from to ; when seven former smaller councils were combined into one to run the Auckland'supercity' in , Banks unsuccessfully ran for mayor again. The electoral return that he filed after that campaign, detailing donations received and campaign expenses, was the subject of Banks' conviction and eventual acquittal.

After new evidence came to light, it was decided in May Banks was born in Wellington in ; when he was a young child, his parents Archie and Kitty were imprisoned for procuring abortions. His father was his mother an alcoholic. From the age of two he was raised by an aunt and uncle, alongside "many foster children".

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When John was 14, Archie was released from prison. They moved to Auckland and John attended Avondale College , he grew up in poverty. In a speech to Parliament he recalled "going to school every day in an ex-army uniform with no shoes; that is child poverty. Banks began his political career in local-body politics with election to the Birkenhead Borough Council. In the general election, Banks stood as the National Party candidate for the Roskill electorate, but was unsuccessful.

In the election, he stood in a different seat and won, he would retain this seat for the remainder of his parliamentary career with the National Party. Banks said in after the Christchurch mosque shootings that he was "haunted" by not being able to persuade his cabinet colleagues to ban semi-automatic guns after the Aramoana massacre in A black cloud tonight and those members who wheel themselves through the doors of the Ayes lobby to vote for legalised sodomy at the age of 16 should be ashamed of themselves," and voted against the Bill; when debating New Zealand's Human Rights Act , which would prohibit discrimination against gays and lesbians based on sexuality, Banks said that "The problem with this homosexual business we've now made legal in his country Banks gained a position as the host of a talkback radio programme on Radio Pacific in August , taking over the Sunday afternoon timeslot from former Prime Minister Sir Robert Muldoon , for whom he had substituted during and In , he resigned from Cabinet, becoming a backbencher , after he refused to be in the same cabinet as New Zealand First leader and coalition partner Winston Peters.

Banks retired from Parliament at the election, returning in In , he contested and won the Auckland City mayoralty, defeating the incumbent Christine Fletcher. Banks remained controversial in his new role, although regarding financial and management issues rather than social policy, he governed with the support of the traditional incumbent ticket at Auckland City and Ratepayers Now.

Banks brought in a streamlined decision making process at council, kept spending increases within inflation, sold half of the Auckland International Airport shares to pay off Auckland City's increasing debt, proposed massive transport projects such as the Eastern Transport Corridor. Banks' personal style, coupled with his mayoral agenda, polarised many Aucklanders. In he was caught speeding on a jet ski close to the beach, not long after criticising boy racers, he said Asian immigrants had filthy habits such as spitting on footpaths. A serious and successful challenge to Banks' mayoralty came from philanthropic cereal-maker Dick Hubbard in late August Six weeks before the election, Hubbard was the more popular candidate in opinion polls; the mayoral campaign gained notoriety as one of hardest-fought in memory.

In September , Banks's campaign manager, Brian Nicolle, resigned amidst allegations of "gutter politics" after he ordered distribution of copies of a National Business Review article critical of Hubbard to hundreds of letterboxes in Auckland. Nicolle at first denied ordering the article distribution, but admitted it; that he'd acted without the authorisation of Banks as the candidate.

Christian fundamentalism Christian fundamentalism began in the late 19th and early 20th centuries among British and American Protestants as a reaction to theological liberalism and cultural modernism. Fundamentalists argued that 19th-century modernist theologians had misinterpreted or rejected certain doctrines biblical inerrancy, that they viewed as the fundamentals of the Christian faith. Fundamentalists are always described as having a literal interpretation of the Bible. A few scholars label Catholics who reject modern theology in favor of more traditional doctrines as fundamentalists. Scholars debate. In keeping with traditional Christian doctrines concerning biblical interpretation, the role Jesus plays in the Bible , the role of the church in society, fundamentalists believe in a core of Christian beliefs that include the historical accuracy of the Bible and all its events as well as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

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Interpretations of Christian fundamentalism have changed over time. Fundamentalism as a movement manifested in various denominations with various theologies, rather than a single denomination or systematic theology. It became active in the s after the release of The Fundamentals, a twelve-volume set of essays and polemic , written by conservative Protestant theologians to defend what they saw as Protestant orthodoxy. The movement became more organized in the s within U.

Protestant churches Baptist and Presbyterian ones. Many such churches adopted a "fighting style" and combined Princeton theology with Dispensationalism. Since , many fundamentalist churches have been represented by the Independent Fundamental Churches of America , which holds to biblical inerrancy; the term fundamentalism was coined by Baptist editor Curtis Lee Laws in to designate Protestants who were ready "to do battle royal for the fundamentals".

The term was adopted by all sides. Laws borrowed it from the title of a series of essays published between and called The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth; the term "fundamentalism" entered the English language in , it is capitalized when it is used to refer to the religious movement. The term fundamentalist is controversial in the 21st century, because it can carry the connotation of religious extremism when such labeling is applied beyond the movement which coined the term or beyond those who self-identify as fundamentalists today.

Some who hold certain, but not all beliefs in common with the original fundamentalist movement reject the label "fundamentalism", seeing it as too pejorative , while to others it has become a banner of pride; such Christians prefer to use the term fundamental, as opposed to fundamentalist. The term is sometimes confused with Christian legalism.

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In parts of the United Kingdom , using the term fundamentalist with the intent to stir up religious hatred is a violation of the Racial and Religious Hatred Act of Fundamentalism came from multiple streams in British and American theologies during the 19th century. According to authors Robert D. Woodberry and Christian S. Smith, Following the Civil War , tensions developed between Northern evangelical leaders over Darwinism and higher biblical criticism.

Modernists attempted to update Christianity to match their view of science. They denied biblical miracles and argued that God manifests himself through the social evolution of society. However, the split does not mean that there were just two groups and fundamentalists.